Brooke H.

“I received Jen’s care when I went into labor when my midwife was not available. Even though I hadn’t worked with Jen my whole pregnancy, I immediately felt comfortable with her. The day I went into labor, Jen constantly stayed in contact with me, giving me support, guidance and so much information. During my homebirth, Jen was incredible. She was everything I needed her to be. I was able to do things my way with her gentle guidance. I felt so comforted knowing she was there. When I thought I couldn’t go on, she helped me realize I could. She was so patient and knowledgeable. She even took the time to lay out my placenta and explain it to my children. Jen also came back for a couple of follow up visits. She was so thorough, comforting…basically, she is amazing in every way and I cannot recommend her enough.”

How all of this differs from traditional care

Midwifery care offers a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. You can expect care that is based on your individual needs as well as truly collaborative care. Midwifery care strives to provide for you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

MidWifery services include:

  • A full schedule of prenatal visits: Once monthly until 28 weeks; Twice monthly until 36 weeks; Once weekly until 40 weeks; More visits as required past 40 weeks
  • A home visit between 36-38 weeks
  • A copy of Natural Pregnancy by Aviva Romm
  • Attendance by a Certified Professional Midwife and an assistant at your labor & delivery
  • Use of the labor tub
  • 5 postpartum home visits (more if necessary)
  • Birth Certificate paperwork
  • Office visits at 6 and 12 weeks
  • Any additional visits necessary during the period of coverage
  • Use of my lending library
  • Unlimited phone availability

***Labs, supplements, herbs, birth kit, birth pool supplies, vitamin k, newborn metabolic screen not included

Jen meets every client where they are. She provides holistic care that addresses each individual family’s needs. She works with the utmost professionalism while providing compassionate care through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. You can expect Jen to truly listen and support you in your journey.