Dana J.

“As a birth photographer, I’ve witnessed Jen in action on numerous occasions, as well as having her in attendence at my own daughter’s birth. Time and again, I see Jen hone in on exactly what each individual mama needs during their birth journey and meet them exactly where they are with the precise support that they require – whether that be hands-on physical support, choices to feel informed and empowered, or emotional support to make it through one more contraction. She is an incredible presence of calm, confident wisdom in the birth space and brings strength, courage, and peace to each of the families that she serves. When necessary, she asks tough questions and empowers parents to make their own informed choices for their birth experience. Throughout the entire birth journey, she is an invaluable source of knowledge, wisdom, warmth, and kindness for the families she serves. If you have even an ounce of doubt about whether to hire her, let me assuage that by saying that she is one of the most important investments you can make in your once-in-a-lifetime birth experience.”