Rebecca B.

Your birth story is something you want to look back on with pure joy. You want to continue to relive it because it was so awesome. You want to force your husband to talk about it over and over and over. You want the best people surrounding you.
Even as I am writing this, I’m choking up at the good fortune I had when I found Jen. There is no other person that I would have wanted by my side. Jen was able to get me to focus through the contractions and I will always remember her voice in my ear telling me to “grrrrr” through the pushing. She knew all of my intentions and wishes and communicated them like they were her own when I was unable to do so. She explained things for us as they were happening in terms we could understand. And she didn’t leave my side after the baby was born. She helped baby latch, made sure I continued to eat and drink and in general was extremely attentive and intuitive to my needs. I didn’t even realize that was something I wanted until it happened. I will always look back and fondly think of her and the presence she had in our birth experience.